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Indoor Plants

     You don’t need to be an environmental psychologist to understand that plants look attractive. But if you dig a little deeper and go beyond their beauty, you will discover that the benefits of interior landscaping go far beyond their aesthetic appearance. Recent research tells us that interior houseplants are good for buildings and people in a variety of subtle ways. Indoor house plants play a vital role in providing a pleasant and tranquil environment in which to live, work or relax.
     Within our gift shop you will also find many varieties of indoor plants to choose from. Delightful succulents with spidery branches of foliage, a large selection of cacti, many large potted plants such as pothos, dish gardens, cyclamens, african violets, moses in the cradles, ferns, philadendrons, algoanemas and many more varieties of plant species.

     We also have a large selection of indoor plant care items 
and organic plant foods and organic fertilizers; as well as pots, containers and so on. 
African Violet Agloanema Boston Ferns Cyclamen
English Ivy Cacti Kalanchoe Moses In The Cradle
Peace Lily Philodendron Prayer Plant Spider Plant
Palm Plants Norfolk Island Pine Orchids Wandering Jew
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Plants and Flowers
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